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GRO is a growing team of business, hospitality, tourism, trade, health, education, and real estate experts offering a complete range of services under one umbrella. Our aim is to pioneer this combination to become a new global trend, while providing a platform of strategic partnerships in different industries. Our use of the term ‘umbrella’ implies that we’ve got you covered. In fact, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered from start to finish and proudly support you with our outstanding customer service, while ensuring that you no longer have to work with multiple providers. Our name, GRO, is derived not only from our vision to help businesses grow but also from our vision to grow our services in various fields such as food & entertainment, real estate & tourism, trade & shopping, as well as training & education.

Providing the best service to others leads to greatness

Your limitation is only in your imagination

GRO is ready to GROW!! Download the Gro-Indonesia app today!

GRO is ready to GROW!!! Download the Gro-Indonesia App Today!