Deed Of Adjustment Budget Of PT

Amendments to the articles of association of PT that require ministerial approval as regulated in article 21 paragraph (2) of the PT law in the form of: Adjustment of the Articles of Association (Overall).

Starts From IDR 20.000.000

Estimated processing time is approximately 10 working days.

  1. Registration & complete data in Gro Indonesia
  2. General meeting of shareholders / cycular
  3. Change to administration of the articles of articles, with a new deed, minutes of gms / circular
  4. Submission of approval in SABH Kemenkumham RI
  5. Announcement of state gazette and supplement to the state gazette

  1. Deed of Establishment of PT until the last amendment
  2. Scan/Photocopy of ID Card of the Company's Organs (Shareholders, Directors, Commissioners)
  3. Scan/Photocopy of TIN of Company Organs (Shareholders, Directors, Commissioners)
  4. Description of amendments to the Articles of Association of PT that require approval from the Minister
  5. Certificate of domicile
  6. Other documents related to the object of change.

  1. Draft Minutes of General Meeting of Shareholders/Circular
  2. Deed of Adjustment of PT . Articles of Association
  3. SK Endorsement of PT from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia
  4. Certificate of Registered BN/TBN Republic of Indonesia

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