KITAS holders in Indonesia and plan to leave the country, change jobs or change the type of KITAS you have, you will be required to apply for an Exit Permit Only (EPO).

Estimated processing time is approximately 15 working days.

Approx. 4-7 working days.

Documents verification 

2-3 working days 

Documents Submission 

2-3 working days 

Exit Permit Only Applied 



  1. Your original passport. (M)
  2. A copy of your exit flights. (M)
  3. Any original documents in relation to your KITAS (DPKK original payment). (M)
    1. Copy IMTA. (M)
    2. Copy STM. (M)
    3. Copy RPTKA. (M)

  1. Request letter of KITAS cancellation (company letterhead). (M)
  2. Original passport. (M)
  3. Original work permit (IMTA). (M)
  4. Copy of DPKK fund. (M)
  5. Other documents if required

  1. Stamp from The Immigration

    1. Normal                                                Rp. 1.500.000          + (PNPB Cost)
    2. Medium Express                                  Rp.                          + (PNPB Cost)
    3. Super Express                                      Rp.                          + (PNPB Cost)

*Price is for the service fee only. Processing times are approximations, some nationality prices may vary due to Government Regulations.

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