Foundation is a legal entity consisting of assets that are separated and intended to achieve certain goals in the social, religious and humanitarian fields, which has no members. A credible foundation or not is by looking at the completeness of the legality and licensing attached to the foundation. Foundations can be established by Indonesian citizens or foreigners.

Starts From IDR 4.900.000

Estimated processing time is approximately 15 working days

  1. Registration & data completion in Gro Indonesia
  2. Name check
  3. Reservation name
  4. Making deed of establishment foundation
  5. Registration of foundation at AHU Kemenkumham RI
  6. Foundation tax identifiation number
  7. Announcement official gazette and state gazette Republic of Indonesia

  1. Foundation's annual project plan
  2. Photocopy of identity cards of KTP-WNI or Passport-WNA from all founders, coaches and administrators of the Foundation
  3. Complete Foundation management structure
  4. Pictures of Foundation Buildings and spaces
  5. Photo of the chairman of the Foundation
  6. Certificate of domicile from the village
  7. Photocopy of building permit information
  8. Photocopy of the certificate ownership the location of the Foundation
  9. Photocopy Tax Identification Number personal of the head of the foundation
  10. Letter of approval from the elected management structure

  1. Foundation Establishment Deed
  2. SK Endorsement of Foundation from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia
  3. Certificate of Registered Official Gazette/State Gazette Republic of Indonesia
  4. Foundation Tax Identification Number

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