Guidliness and Procedures For Filling Investment Activity Report

LPKM or Investment Activity Report is a report on the progress of investment realization and reports on problems faced by the company must be prepared and submitted periodically. For medium and large scale business actors, they are required to report LKPM every 3 months.

Starts From IDR 4.900.000

LKPM must be reported every 3 months (4 times in 1 year)

  1. Data equipment in GRO Indonesia
  2. Submission of access right & account registration in BKPM RI
  3. Online LKPM reporting at SPIPISE BKPM RI
  4. Receipt for submission of LKPM from BKPM RI

  1. Type of LKPM to be reported
  2. LKPM Responsible Data
    • Officer name
    • Position of officer
    • Officer's telephone number
    • Email officer

  1. LKPM Submission Receipt from the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia

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