The main requirement is age, whereby you must be at least 55 years old to apply.

12 months.

Approx. 7-10 days working hours

  1. Passport with 18 months remaining validity
  2. Photograph 4x6cm colour
  3. Stamp Visa
  4. Insurance Policy
  5. Home lease agreement for at least 1 year (signed by both parties, should mention the owner’s name, address of the rented house, the amount of rent, and attach the owner’s KTP).
  6. A Statement/letter to employ an Indonesia maid/helper while living in Indonesia, will not be working/  engaging in any business activities, and that you have secured your accommodation (2 people housemaid)
  7. 2 Maid/helper ID card (KTP).
  8. Statement of Bank account.

Note: Offshore Application Not Available yet.

  1. E-Visa
  2. MERP (Multiple Re-Entry)
  3. KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit)


      1. Normal                                                   Rp. 15.000.000     + USD 150 (PNPB Cost)
      2. Medium Express                                  Rp.                          + USD 150 (PNPB Cost)
      3. Super Express                                       Rp.                          + USD 150 (PNPB Cost)


    * Price is for the service fee only. Processing times are approximations, some nationality prices may vary due to Government Regulations.

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