Investor Visa 2 Years

Investor KITAS (Type 313 & 314) is issued to applicants who invest in a company in Indonesia and want to manage this company. Indonesian investor KITAS consists of a lot of benefits, with the most profitable ones including the ease of application and the waive of the work permit fee. If previously foreign investors were required to pay a hefty fee of USD 1,200 per year, this is no longer the case with an Investor KITAS, provided that they satisfy all the investment requirements.

As an Investor, you are required to have a minimum investment of IDR 1billion in invested shares to be eligible for an investor KITAS/ITAS. Furthermore, the invested capital of the company has to be over IDR 10bilion. Due to the wish of the Indonesian government to attract more investors and wealthy foreigners, amendments to the law of several “on job creation” are being prepared; from a new type of visitor visa for “pre-investment purposes’, to new options for a residence permit.

24 months.

Approx. 22-25 working days.


Documents submissions

3 working days

Billing PNBP

2 working days

Verification Process

5 working days

E-Visa Issued

1 Working day

Submit documents at The Immigration Office

3 Working days

Immigration Counter Billing

2 Working days

Photo Scheduling

4-7 working days

Passport and Kitas Collection

4-7 Working days


  1. Passport with minimum 4 blank pages still available with minimum 30 (Thirty) months validity and scanned copy of identification page and cover. (M)
  2. Stamp Visa (Onshore). (M)
  3. Photograph size 4 cm x 6 cm color (Red Background). (M)
  4. Vaccine certificate completed. (M)
  5. Insurance Policy.(M)
  6. Latest Diploma or Bachelor Degree.
  7. Newest Bank account statement, Minimum USD 2000.

  1. Company Document. (M)
  2. Company deed  + Ratification from Ministry.(M)
  3. Business License, Location License Company. (M)
  4. OSS (Online Single Submission)- Username & Password. (M)
  5. NPWP (Tax Identification Number). (M)
  6. Letterhead Company. (M)
  7. ID KTP Guarantee / HRD Manager. (M)
  8. Company stamp / Letterhead Paper. (M)

  1. E-VISA
  2. MERP (Multiple Re-Entry)
  3. KITAS ( Temporary Stay Permit)

Normal                                  Rp.  18.000.000    + USD 150 (PNPB Cost)

Medium Express                  Rp.                          + USD 150  (PNPB Cost)

Super Express                       Rp.                          + USD 150 (PNPB Cost)

*Price is for the service fee only. Processing times are approximations, some nationality prices may vary due to Government Regulations

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