International travel for business in Indonesia requires a business visa, an official document granted by the Immigration Office in Indonesia, as permission to visit Indonesia for business purposes. According to Article 38 of the immigration: A business visit visa is a visa granted to foreigners, who are going to travel into Indonesia for the performance or participation of the following such as government tasks; social or cultural, educational activities; tourism; business, or family affairs; continued travelling to another country.

A business visa holder is allowed to stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days. There are two main types of business visa: single and multiple-entry. While a single-entry business visa means that the holder must apply for a new visa after the current one expires, a multiple-entry business visa does not limit the number of stays in the country per year.

Visa Valid for 1 year. Limited to 60 days and visa is not renewable during each trip for 12 months. The maximum stay per visit to Indonesia is 60 days starting from the date of entry.

Approx. 7-14 working days.



Documents Submission

2 Working days

Billing PNBP

2 Working days

Verification Process

5-7 Working days

E-Visa Issued



  1. Foreigner Documents (Scan Colour) Expatriate passport with at least 4 blank pages still available for at least 18 (eighteen) months of validity and a scanned copy of the identification page and cover. (M)
  2. Itinerary for flights to Indonesia. (M)
  3. Passport photo with a minimum validity period of 18 months. (M)
  4. Other documents depend on the sponsoring company. (M)
  5. Bank account with a minimum of USD 2000.
  6. Round-trip airfare with a clear departure date.
  7. A return ticket to your country of origin indicates that you will leave Indonesia within 60 days from the date of arrival in Indonesia.

  1. Company Establishment Deed / Company Deed. (M)
  2. Endorsement from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the sponsoring company / SK Kemenkumham. (M)
  3. Sponsor Company Business License (SIUP/IP/IUT). (M)
  4. Domicile of the sponsoring company. (M)
  5. Sponsor's Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). (M)
  6. KTP PIC of the sponsoring company (KTP/KITAS). (M)
  7. Current account with a minimum balance of IDR 20,000,000 or equivalent to USD 2,000 from the sponsoring company.  (M)
  8. KTP (National ID Card) of the Sponsor/guarantor. (M)

  1. E-Visa


    1. Normal                                Rp.                                          + USD 110 (PNPB Cost)
    2. Medium Express                  Rp.                                          + USD 110 (PNPB Cost)
    3. Super Express                      Rp.                                          + USD 110 (PNPB Cost)
*Price is for the service fee only. Processing times are approximations, some nationality prices may vary due to Government Regulations

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