Obliged To Report About Employment

WLKP or Company Employment Report Mandatory is one of the employment services on the kemnaker.go.id portal that deals with company information, Entrepreneurs or management are required to report online at the time, after establishing, re-running, or moving the company; or. before transferring, discontinuing or dissolving the Company and must be reported once a year.

Starts From IDR 4.000.000

WLKP processing and reporting time is approximately 7 days.

  1. Data equipment in GRO Indonesia
  2. Application of access right & account registration the Kemenaker RI
  3. Complete company data
  4. Online WLKP at the Sisnaker of the Kemenaker RI
  5. Receipt for submission of WLKP from the Kemenaker RI

  1. The name of the account manager in the online WLKP reporting (the designated name must already have an e-KTP and an active email is recommended instead of the company's general email)
  2. Last WLKP (if you have done the last manual reporting)
  3. Company identity (if you want to report a branch company, you must know the Permit No. and No. TDP Center or NIB according to what has been entered by the central company)
  4. Licensing Letter (NIB, Business Identification Number and the like)
  5. Company Taxpayer Identification Number
  6. Data on BPJS (Social Security Administering Body) Employment
  7. Data on BPJS (Social Security Administering Body) Health
  8. Deed of Incorporation
  9. Employee Data (NIK, Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Position Code and Position Name (guidelines are in the Position Master sheet, Upload Manpower file), Education, Status (PKWTT/PKWT), address and information on disability or not

  1. Reporting Evidence, WLKP from the Ministry of Manpower the Republic of Indonesia

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