The Repartition Visa is a visa that is suitable for use by former Indonesian citizens who will live in Indonesia.

12 months.

Approx. 10-14 Working days.


Online Visa Registration

2 days

PNBP Payment

1 day

Verification Stage

1 day

Decision Stage

1 day

E-Visa Issued

3 days


  1. Passport min.18 months (M).
  2. Documents that prove that you have been an Indonesian citizen (M).
  3. Visa Application + Guarantee
  4. Bank Statement

  1. E-Visa
  2. MERP (Multiple Re-Entry)
  3. KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit)

    1. Normal                                  Rp.                          + (PNPB Cost) / Approx. 10-14 working days.
    2. Medium Express                   Rp.                          + (PNPB Cost)  / Approx. 7-8 working days.
    3. Super Express                       Rp.                          + (PNPB Cost)  / Approx. 3-4 working days.


*Prices are for service fees only. Processing times are estimates due to government regulations.

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