We understand business and industry have a much higher demand for legal services. GRO-Indonesia seeks to facilitate this by providing a choice of legal services, which are permanent and sustainable with a cost format that is much more affordable, and can be tailored to your needs.

The startup plan is our solution for owners and startups, who still really need legal services in the form of consultations, without having to spend more for other legal services that are not needed in the early stages.

We always recommend a Growth Plan for business owners and players who are in the stage of business development and expansion, where the frequency of need for legal services is increasing, especially the creation of legal documents.

The enterprise plan is the best solution that we have prepared specifically for businesses and corporations with high business activity, thus requiring legal support at any time and without restrictions.

Starts From IDR 5.000.000

12 (Twelve) Months (Minimum 6 (Six) Months) Locking Period.

Related to the Stages of Work and the Timeframe in accordance with the Retainer Package that is taken.

Initial draft agreement 3 working days
Review & Revision 1-2 working days
Initial draft PP, legal opinion, RUPS Minimum 5 working days

  1. Data And Information From Client To Legal Coordinator And/GRO-Law Team.
  2. Client Identity (KTP/SIM/PASPORT/NPWP) *Min 1 ID For Individuals For Clients With Legal Entities Min2 ID (KTP/SIM/PASPORT) And (Company / Representative NPWP)
  3. Letter Of Appointment For Consulting Services (If Needed) *in case Legal Audit
  4. Special Power Of Attorney From The Client To The GRO-Law Team *in case Legal Audit

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