Practice Of Areas

Labor Law

In the midst of technological advances, the role of human resources is still attached to various human business activities.

Family&Marriage Law

We know that Family rift is something that is never easy to go through in life for some people and parties.

Civil & Criminal Law

In this case there is a Civil Team and a Criminal Team. For the civil law team, GRO-Law helps resolve legal cases that have an impact on daily life

Property Law

In the real estate world, we know for sure that more and more people are interested in it. We provide comprehensive legal solutions for this

Mining Law

In the Mining Law sector, GRO-Law has been and will actively provide legal advice to contractors, project developers and investors.

Health Law

Health is something that will always coexist in our lives. We provide comprehensive legal services to those involved in the healthcare industry

Corporate & Investment Law

The GRO-Law Corporate Team provides legal services at every stage of the business.

Bank Regulation

GRO-LAW handles all matters relating to financial institutions, including banks, and the business activities within them. Partners act on behalf of both parties, both banks


Gro-Law has an excellent reputation for representing companies facing bankruptcy. We intensively assist clients, corporations or individuals who wish to file for bankruptcy.

Intellectual Property Right

Intellectual Property is at the heart of business and is often the most valuable asset, and it is important to protect it for business continuity.

Capital Market

Over the years, Indonesia has experienced capital market developments. The number of investors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange is constantly growing

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