In the midst of technological advances, the role of human resources is still attached to various human business activities. The development of dynamic employment law regulations and a humanist approach are no less important, so that our presence GRO-Law provides advice, assistance and plays a role in assisting corporate clients in terms of employment.

We will ensure our clients have the necessary documents to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce as well as this to reduce the company’s risk in employment. Our legal services include but are not limited to: preparing and negotiating employment contracts; secret agreement; labor consultations and agreements; consultation on labor procedures and manuals; and others. We also assist individuals with labor rights issues with proactive solutions through contract reviews, labor disputes and other employment related matters.

In the complex development and change of employment law, our employment law team is ready to provide services to companies or individuals with clear, practical and realistic insight, advice and assistance. We provide services that help meet the needs of clients, as well as comply with labor laws in Indonesia.

GRO-Law’s Performance in Labor Law Sector, Including :

  • Prepare A Draft Employment Contract
  • Labor Contract Negotiations
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Labor Consultation and Agreement
  • Consultation For Employment Procedures and Manuals
  • Contact Review
  • Labor Disputes
  • Etc