In this case there is a Civil Team and a Criminal Team. For the civil law team, GRO-Law helps resolve legal cases that have an impact on daily life or private law, such as debt problems, claims for damages for violations/negligence in business, property disputes, and others. We assist clients in resolving lawsuits while also providing legal assistance services in every litigation process and dispute resolution process.

In the criminal sector, we are experienced in representing clients in various cases, including fraud, embezzlement and other criminal cases. We act on behalf of individual clients, businesses as well as professional associations.

In every case we are trusted to file a lawsuit or defense. We always give our best effort to achieve the best results for clients in the most cost effective manner possible.

GRO-Law’s Performance in The Civil & Criminal Law Sector, Including :

  • Fraud Crime
  • Representing Individual Clients, Businesses, As Well As Professional Associations
  • Legal Review
  • Attending, Represent and Assistance Client
  • Making A Lawsuit or Memorandum of Defense
  • Act Of Default
  • Other Criminal Law