Over the years, Indonesia has experienced capital market developments. The number of investors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange is constantly growing, and so is the number of stock buyers. Many Indonesian companies become public companies by giving the public the opportunity to take part in an initial public offering of shares.

As one of the practitioners of Capital Market Law, GRO-Law has a highly dedicated team to handle Capital Market legal services. We assist clients in conducting Initial Public Offerings, dealing with all legal requirements and other technical matters needed.

GRO-Law also represents investors, local or foreign, who are interested in investing in the country. We provide insight from a legal perspective, provide advice as well as assist them in the investment process.

GRO-Law’s Performance in The Capital Market Sector, Including :

  • Legal Advice
  • Dispute Capital Market Law
  • Assistance While the Process Capital Market
  • Legal Drafting (If Any)